This package is everything a new company needs to get its business off the ground and operating safely while shielding itself from lawsuits and protecting its intellectual property.

Our startup package includes:

(1) Corporation/LLC formation
(2) Trademark registration
(3) Copyright registration
(4) Intellectual property assignment agreements for founders and employees
(5) Independent contractor agreement
(6) NDA
(7) Terms of Service
(8) Privacy Statement
(9) Intellectual property audit
(10) General startup legal consultation and advice

We will work with you and your unique goals to determine if a Delaware corporation, a local LLC, a partnership agreement, or something else altogether is best for your needs.

The corporate formation included in this Premium Startup Package further includes:

  • Counseling Client on entity formation
  • Corporate name search on Secretary of State website
  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation
  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  • Counseling Client and drafting of Corporate Bylaws
  • Drafting of initial Board of Director resolutions
  • Drafting of initial Stockholder resolution electing Board
  • Drafting of initial Stock Purchase Agreements for incorporators
  • Assistance with required business licensing
  • Creation of federal EIN, if necessary
  • Gathering of documents for establishment of business checking account
  • Ongoing compliance memo

The discounted fee for the entire startup package is only $5,950.

*Disclaimer: The above package includes only attorneys’ fees and does not include government filing fees or other out-of-pocket costs.